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Western Star is proud of the new Constellation Series - the next generation of High Quality, Custom Built trucks for virtually any application. It's an entirely new truck designed around the most important freight any truck could carry - YOU.

For more than 30 years, Western Star has hand crafted trucks exactly to the demanding specifications of our customers. Each highly customized Western Star is assembled by people who deliver what you need most: superior ride, increased payload and rugged durability.

For more information on this superb line-up of custom crafted class 8 trucks, click on model series of your choice and explore the world Western Star Trucks.

4864FX Maneuverable Hard Working Versatile
Built for specialized applications, the 4864FX delivers maximum freight capacity with traditional Western Star styling.
4964SX Lightweight Tough Versatile
Tailored for tough vocational jobs and over-the-road versatility, the 4964SX features 50" set-back axle for better maneuverability and payload potential.
4964FX Reliable Classic Comfortable
The popular 4964FX is built with a versatile chassis, providing top performance on the Highway or in Rugged off-road applications
4964EX Big Classic Efficient
The Western Star 4964EX - is our most sought-after model among High-Mileage - Highway drivers. This extended BBC vehicle delivers maximum payload and ride comfort.
5864SS Sleek Smooth Economical
The 5864SS, with its 50" set-back axle and aerodynamic styling combines excellent visibility and maneuverability to handle everything from congested streets to construction sites
5964SS Powerful Proven Advanced
The Western Star 5964SS was born for the open road. this powerful 123" BBC model features wind-slicing aerodynamic styling for increased fuel efficiency.
6964SX Massive Bold Strong
Built for heavy-duty, off-road and severe service applications, the 6964SX is Western Star's ultimate workhorse!
Right Hand Drive Models
The Western Star Constellation Series right-hand drive version was launched in the spring of 1998. The truck was enthusiastically received and has proven to be an excellent performer in the harsh environments of Australia and New Zealand.
When long over-the-road driving is your business, the sleeper becomes a home away from home. At Western Star Trucks, we can say with certainty, that our new Star Light Sleeper is superior to any other sleeper on the market.
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